Sustainable development

Sustainable development

The business policy of IGM Šljunčara Trstenik d.o.o. is to reduce the negative impact on the environment, to enhance the environmental protection against pollution and to raise public awareness of the sustainable development.

In creating our business operation policies, special significance is given to social responsibility and care for the environment, and support and implementation of the development, by balancing the economic growth on the one side and the responsibility towards the community and the environment on the other side.

It is through our actions that we endeavour to consolidate all key components, ranging from the environmental protection to the social and economic components. One of the projects attesting the above is the "Abesinija" exploitation field rehabilitation project that shall, after the exploitation period is over, be turned into a sport and recreation zone, a habitat for birds and a fish farm.

Since the mission of IGM Šljunčara Trstenik d.o.o. is to impartially use the nature´s potential for the benefit of man and man's potential for the benefit of nature, it was in the year 2008 that the company became a member of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR BCSD, hrv. HR PSOR).

Environmental protection

The protection and care of the environment is an essential element in the development and implementation of each of our projects

By applying the appropriate actions and measures to preserve the environment we protect the natural habitats of plants and animals in the area of exploitation fields. 

Occupational safety and health

The well-being of employees is the key to any successful business

By engaging top experts in the field of occupational safety and health, we provide our employees with safe and smooth working conditions and we take measures on a daily level to eliminate potential hazards.

Donations and sponsorships

Within the active implementation of the corporate social responsibility policy, we readily support the humanitarian projects and programs of the community in which we operate

We support children aid programs and implement donation projects for schools and other organizations and associations of local communities in which we operate.