About us

With an over 45-year long tradition and as the largest producer of gravel materials in the Zagreb area, IGM Šljunčara Trstenik d.o.o. provides its business partners with high-quality products as well as professional and reliable services.


ith an over 45-year long tradition, IGM Šljunčara Trstenik d.o.o. from Čista Mlaka, is the largest producer of gravel materials in the Zagreb area. With regard to the product quality and quantity of resources, IGM is considered to be a leader in the industry of construction sand and gravel in Croatia and has, from the very beginning, been a reliable partner of almost all major construction companies and concrete batching plants in the region. As a gravel pit with the largest confirmed gravel resources in the Republic of Croatia, IGM follows the latest global trends in terms of investments in the machinery. By modernizing the production facilities from 2012 to 2014, the company now uses the latest manufacturing technology and machinery for exploiting, refining and processing of gravel; besides, the production processes and the products offered are certified in compliance with the international standards. IGM Šljunčara Trstenik d.o.o., in addition to continuously following the leading trends in the production technology and adjusting to the customers' needs, boasts of its highly qualified employees and continuously invests in further education and development of their competences. We are aware of the responsibility towards the local community and therefore, pay special attention to the environmental protection when creating our business strategy and we ensure that development and growth plans are created in compliance with the principle of sustainable development and social responsibility.

In addition to the production and sales of all kinds of natural and separated gravel and aggregate for concrete, IGM provides professional services and performs all kind of earthworks and soil rehabilitation of controlled quality

The production facilities of IGM Šljunčara Trstenik d.o.o., located in the municipality of Rugvica, at the very entrance to the city of Zagreb, include two exploitation fields with mineral raw materials processing plants. Since ancient times gravel and sand have been exploited in this region as this part of the left bank of the Sava River is abundant in mineral raw materials, and it is from these rich gravel resources that we produce high-quality products, with the help of modern machinery and top experts.

Rich resources of raw materials, more than four decades of experience, controlled quality of products and excellent transport links with the metropolis and its surroundings are a guarantee of business excellence and reliability of IGM Šljunčara Trstenik d.o.o.

The company is an active member of the Croatian Employers Association (CEA, hrv. HUP) and is also the presiding member of the Non-metal and Building Materials Industry Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE, hrv. HGK).


  • CEA - Croatian Employers' Association
  • PROMINS - Economic Interest Association for Production, Processing and Sales of Mineral raw materials
  • CCE - Croatian Chamber of Economy, Non-metal and Building Materials Industry Association